Implementing CAFM Software for Facilities Management

Deploying a new Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) software solution can seem like both a exciting yet daunting challenge for any facilities manager or service provider. users should expect major changes as they transfer to a new CAFM system and often a completely new way of working. Such changes have a ripple effect throughout any organisation be it a small service provider or large public sector organisation, affecting end-users, colleagues, contractors, managers and IT departments. To help facilitate implementation CAFM vendors often assign dedicated Project Managers to oversee and hold your hand through this vital and testing transitional period.

Organisations that have installed CAFM systems have received great benefits from an integrated solution. By offering a professional window into Estates and Facilities Management departments, systems such as CAFM Software from Tabs FM, have helped to raise the profile of departments/services and improve efficiencies. Thanks to intelligent system design and flexibility, solutions such as Tabs FM help to streamline processes and improve response times. Modular system structures have also helped to support many clients through the years, by offering a solution which can continue to grow and adapt to meet the ever changing demands placed on Estates and Facilities departments. With optional extensions such as Mobile solutions, engineers/surveyors can be provided with a constant communication method with the database for instant results. The flexibility and scope of CAFM software has become a realised benefit for many organisations or departments.

Before a new CAFM system can be installed, there are plenty of pre-installation considerations to consider. Take a moment to ask yourself the following questions:

• What would you like to achieve from the new CAFM system? i.e. Clearly define your end goals and targets and make these known to the vendor.

• Who will be using the system and what level of authorisation/access should they have?

• Are there requirements to link to other systems? Such as accounting packages or Active Directory etc.

• Clarify the processes the new system is intended to achieve/improve! Will the new system comfortably meet these objectives? Facilities Management tool

• Will you require data be extracted from other systems and imported into the new system? If so, can the data be presented for incorporation and tested before going live?

Experience has proven that the best approach to deploying a new CAFM software system is by phasing the implementation. This is to reduce the learning load of users as they move towards new processes. After all, you can’t run before you can walk! To achieve the phased implementation, often the full application can be installed, and through the clever use of configuration settings, certain modules/functionalities can be disabled from view. These features can easily be enabled by an administrator at a later date and a more suitable time. The intention of a phased implementation is to achieve a full understanding of the functionality and capability before moving on. This will ensure that you get the best out of the product. This approach is recommended when taking on the project of employing on a new CAFM system. Those adopting this process have improved chances of success!

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